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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. it's 67 degrees, a mild night but showers in the mix for tomorrow. the details coming up. >> [inaudible] so much better. >> she is so improved we can hear her speak. more good news for the baltimore mom shot earlier this year. >> and the orioles tonight but the yankees just three outs losing in minnesota. this is why we love the end ofs. >> counterfeiter with desktop technology. >> don't fall for fake tickets. how to spot a playoff scam. the news starts right now. >> in the blink of an eye a woman's life was changed. someone shot her paralyzing her from the neck down. she survived but she faces a
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daily struggle to recover. tonight she has a new tool to help make it easier. >> it takes just the slightest movement of her eyes and she is reconnected with the world. the eight thousand dollar piece of equipment allows her to e- mail, text, surf the web, skype everything that a person who could type could do. >> she gets online or facebook, seeing her friends you can see her face light up. >> reporter: to use her old computer she had to move her entire head which was exhausting because of the shooting which left her paralyzed from the neck down. >> it helps me to be able to talk with my family. . >> reporter: and as you just heard now that he is off the ventilator she had to use the last time we talked to her she can talk. >> i feel that my condition
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has really improved. it's so much better. >> reporter: she still has a long way to go. the ati company of massachusetts donated the new computer to her hoping to help others in similar situations foe what might be available for them. >> we have to get the word out that it's easy, not science fiction. >> reporter: speciality hospital in washington which helped her get off ventilator donated $8,000 to her and her family and she was presented with an ward from the johns hopkins hospital for inspiring others. she tries not to look back on the night that changed her life. >> i mean i ask myself why, who, why would they do this who did it, i have moments like that but --. >> reporter: she looks forward to years and decades of
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rehabilitation and years and decades with her children and grandchildren. >> i'm -- my legs or anything but i'm glad i'm still alive and still here. >> reporter: she has been able to recover some movement in her shoulder hands but fine mo skills may never return. there are no suspects in the shooting. >> let's take you down to camden yards. nice brisk flag flying there. feeling like fall but not to chilly yet. let's check in with jamie in just a little bit. crowd still hanging out, picking up the orange orioles stuff. nice night but what's on tap sniffle gentle breeze. >> not to much. >> 80s tomorrow. >> spice things up. >> 66 in town right now. i think we will go to 60 last night when we why talking.
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it was cold. a big difference right now. let's take a look at some of the graphics, temperatures across town. 63 frederick. pair of six's in baltimore. easton at 64, not bad. look at the radar action you see a few of the scattered showers off toward the south. left with the clouds in place. showers back over west virginia, not a big deal. look at this line of storms, this popped over eight or nine. even a tornado. these are the showers now including thunder in the forecast. here is the planner, cloudy start, 63, spotty showers developing in the course of the afternoon. the temperatures by the afternoon. 79 to 80 degrees. will talk about the forecast in just a bit. >> thank you. new tonight the death of a 46- year-old man in police custody is now a criminal investigation. now initially police said the man choked on drugs. now they are learning that an autopsy shows he didn't die
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from choking on drugs. they are still trying to determine the cause of death. last week we told you that charm city was one of the dirtiest in the country. baltimore is now among the poorest towns. that's according to the cent census data. it's the 22nd poorest large city. the income is about a $39,000 and the average home value is close to 154,000. philadelphia ranks in about the same area at 24th and just to the south the [inaudible] is the third wealthiest city. the amazing orioles are giving us all a season to watch and wonder will we make to the playoffs? there are seven games left. that's seven chances to prove that the orioles should be in the playoffs. jamie live at yard tonight.
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the fans still counting down the games. >> reporter: i'm watching it on my phone. two outs in the 9th inning. i will have the update for you. we have 30,000 plus out here. nobody left in the bottom of the 9th when we loaded the bases. we were shut out. first shut out by the orioles since august the 3rd when we were in tampa bay. we lost that game 2-0. it's come back tomorrow. two guise i met tonight, rob and lynnwood came out. not to see a ball game. they came out to feel a ball game. it's not white cane night here. rob and his friend are blind. >> it's great hearing the crowds roaring like they use to. >> reporter: they used their cane to find the entrance. >> thank you. makes some noise.
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>> reporter: they didn't seat grass first, they smell food. >> hot dogs. . >> reporter: with these white canes they walk down utah, capping over the home run markers. >> audience is -- more cheerful and doing good this year. >> reporter: they are seven rows the top in the 300 section. >> i hear joy, the fans, that the orioles are doing well and like the orioles magic is back. >> keep up -- just take my steps with me to hear the play- by-play. >> reporter: he will listen to the announcers describe the action, rob will get it his cue from the crowd. >> i hear like people -- making the sounds that i can tell when something had happens, like somebody catches a ball when we hit it or something i can tell by the crowd that there was a good thing or -- a batter up i know we have the hitters even out of the home run. >> reporter: both friends who can't see but can feel the
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pulse of this town. > sometimes defender -- another slap to the glove too. >> reporter: best friends, work at blind industries. the yankees lost in minnesota, final score 5-4 so they still keep that one and a half game lead over the orioles. we come back tomorrow at 7:05 this is fun. oakland and texas tied up. we keep watching the scoreboards, live at orioles park. >> all right. thank you. we will check back in with in a bit. other news george hugeley's attorneys are appealing his conviction. he got 23 years for murdering yardly love. we don't know yet how his attorneys plan to move forward with the deal but sharon love gave us an interview last week. you can find it on the website. just click onto story.
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15 burglaries, folks in the boulevard park neighborhood are watching out tonight. the community is right off mountain road. people say it's usually so quiet and crime free that until now some of them didn't lock their doors. over the last few weeks things have changed. >> since my -- directly behind me got robbed, i have not been able to sleep, i have had a couple hours a night. i pace from window to window looking out. >> reporter: police believe that one person is behind all of the burglaries, they suspect its someone someone familiar with the neighborhood. ravens were back out on the field today after sunday night's close call to the patriots. they are gearing up for thursday night's game and some may argue against bad referees too. after that mess in seattle last night it seems so much of the focus when the referees screw up again. even the league admitted there
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was a mistake and as don harrison found out that really has everybody even more disgusted. >> the game's final play. >> reporter: we have seen the replacements doing the best they can. >> who has it? >> reporter: football fans are losing patience. maybe get the -- get the old referees back. >> the highlight is the new fill in referees. to the seattle green bay game. standing next to each other to the one referee called it an interception while the other signaled a touchdown. >> they win in the strangest finish you will ever see. >> reporter: sports bars all over have nothing but last night's debacle on. one woman works there and shares the frustration of people who come to watch it. >> especially with last night's crazy outcome. >> one of america's favorite
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games and i think its being ruined by them. >> reporter: some fans -- the new referees were thrown into. >> game is to fast and such a great game they have -- to train to do the job the others have been trained to do. >> they always played --. >> and the the ravens locker room today comments -- not mention for fear of revenge from the league. ed reed gave his perspective. >> integrify part of the game. they expect the players to up hold, protect the shield, like they always say but they don't protect the shield when it comes to the owners. >> reporter: nobody is sure when it'll get straightened out but as ray louis said after the sunday night game this isn't a game he was used to watching. it's not the game he is use to that he is playing now. at the ravens complex don harrison abc 2news.
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>> and the replacements cost more than just wins and losses, betters put town $150 million. come up next eating healthier doesn't have to cost half your paycheck. we talked to a dietician even on a tight budget. >> and on the wmar app, fake take a look at annapolis. we have showers and big storms out west. we will time at rival into charm city. . >> the playoffs hit the town. the big warning tonight. abc 2news continues. we will save you a lot of money. anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed. . here is the good news. orioles fans snatched up the tickets for the wild card in the playoffs but that's also the bad news because that means the games are officially sold
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out. if you are hitting the after market options to get a seat that can be a risk as putting your fate in the hands of the yankees. we aren't the only ones excited. counterfeiters too. >> reporter: in baseball especially around here we have been 15 years and scalpers haven't made their money but they are trying to in october especially next weekend for the wild card and the first two games. joe is he with the great story tonight. she sat down with orioles executives and also security experts to find out to be wary of the scams. >> reporter: on a sleepy fall wednesday without the team even in town business was brisk at the ticket window. fans anxious to sit in the stands for the birds final home game but even more excited about the potential for the postseason. >> fans and i think it'll be exciting to see the home team.
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>> reporter: they are as excited as anyone in baltimore because their mom doesn't have playoff tickets yet she is going to have to take her chance was an after market seller and know she is has to be careful. >> people will try to do anything to scam make money and sell you -- i guess fake tickets. . >> reporter: it's big business in the world of baseball, especially as the season winds down crowds heat up and the stakes get higher. >> any time there is a greater demand for any sporting event you will see the increase in potential scams and fraud. >> reporter: craig with the orioles said while counterfeits weren't a huge problem for the team in the regular season he knows the risk is higher as the birds roll on and fans want a chance to watch. >> we are worried and major league baseball is always worried about people who are unauthorized selling tickets they don't have. >> reporter: that doesn't stop scammers. what they don't have they can
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fake or make with their own orioles magic. >> counterfeiter with desktop technology can create anything they want. >> reporter: it's up to people like bill patterson. he os for a company that secures everything from tickets to licensed items for the nfl, base all and others. from bar codes to holograms and special ink it's a battle to stay ahead. he doesn't know what security is being used this year in the tickets but said scammers will. >> they want to get the early hand on the tickets to find what security elements in the ticket and repeat as many as possible to be able to pass them to the consumer and the gate official. >> reporter: that depends on how much money they get to make them look real. while he said teams often hold off sending tickets to keep scammers in the dark once they are out you fled to know what a fake looks like. >> if you notice o knicks ink
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smudges. >> reporter: the paper shouldn't split along the edges and there is one big red flag that shows you are buying fake tickets. >> when they are printed there is no dates or times on them because the schedule hasn't been celted. >> reporter: once it is fans have faith their team will be on it but that doesn't mean to trust just anyone ready to sell them a ticket. >> what a great story. let me tell you, craigslist, risky, you know that. stub hub, they will verify the ticket but go to and -- if you go there you are -- you are very safe but the games have been sold out. in case let's -- say we are playing oakland and they can't sale, they will go online and
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you can get them. play it safe and sound. live tonight at orioles park at camden yards. >> thank you. in tonight's health alert the disturbing results of a new study that shows one in four are now so over weight they would be reject from the armed services. the stat is the latest in the effort to get unhealthy food taken out of schools. the defense department spends about a billion dollars for medical expenses related to over weight. we are working for you trying to help you trim your waist line and cut the food bump budget. we went shopping to find how to eaton a smart budget. first the produce ace ill. the cheapest is the ones in season. buying them whole and cutting them up will save a lot of money. next meat and poultry, by adding a dried beans to a recipe and like produce buy an
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item whole. >> one to save is to buy a whole chicken rather than a part. you can use them throughout the week and save the phones. >> planning paysu. one of the best ways to save, plan meals, make a grocery list and stick to it. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> and take a look at shot, just the clouds in place. 66 right now at 11:00. now the humidity at 65%. dew points running in to the 50s at this hour. you can thank that southwest wind at just about five. temperatures on the boards, pair of sixes, hagerstown66, eastern shore numbers, pack river close to 70, maybe 75
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today. a good amount of sun. that record set back on -- that will stay in the boats for another year. terms of what's going on with wind speeds, a bit of a breeze, southwesterly, that's responsible bringing in the humidity. mostly cloudy right now, pretty dry at the moment. 63 when it -- start wednesday morning, 74 around lunchtime. here come the showers and we have included maybe some thunder tomorrow. the radar showing the spotty showers, north of -- central -- north of carroll county, as we pull it on back we will show you more showers down to the south. what we have is the line of showers and gusty storms. portsmith and damage from the storms, i think that most of the action stays south of the city but could be a chance of a few gusty source, maybe perhaps a rumble or two of thunder. the low sitting over the
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colorado, that's what is going to funnel in the moisture, clouds over the next several days, be prepared for unsettled weather. future trend showing during the course of tonight's spotty showers, more clouds come back in to the picture and line of shower that will come through after six. notice how future trend picking up on maybe embedded thunderstorm through the course of the edge and tomorrow night and then the front starts to sag toward the south. thursday, blend of sun and clouds, and then more shower that will come back in to the picture by the day on friday. we have taken the temperatures up, 61 degrees for the over night. cloudy, mild, showers developing by dawn. 81 is the two degree guarantee. tomorrow afternoon showers and tomorrows, if we get enough sun tomorrow that may be to close. could belower 80's most the areas and then 64 degrees as we open tomorrow night. seven day forecast. 81 tomorrow. 75 on thursday.
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ravens game, looks good, kickoff -- around 8:00. we are going to be looking good. 76 on friday. spotty showers and right now the weekend call unsettled. can't pinpoint this one storm. i know -- i think that we will have the scattered showers through the weekend. temperature back down in to the 70's. tomorrow dodging the rain drops, maybe a spotty shower and storm. >> not liking that unsettled. > >> we will change it up. try for five days. all good things must come to an end. >> more of the news coming up. first let's check in with a look at what they are working on. >> coming up, the 48 hour home makeover. how an expert's cheap and easy tips helped one couple increase the value of their home by tens of thousands of dollars. and looking for latter day love. what it takes to win the heart
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. we have our own election going on. i'm up against the gratest traffic reporter in town lauren cook over who has the finest orioles cheer. it's fun. just go online. she of course is waging a strong campaign. she is getting out, kissing babies, i am asking for your vote. give me four more years, just get online. tell everybody i have the best cheer. >> we have to win tomorrow. >> no kidding.
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>> yankees lost? >> are you going to have a new jacket? >> you never know. >> all right. we will tune in for that. thank you. >> let's look at your forecast. going into tomorrow. things are looking good. clouds will be in place. lunchtime. not bad. upper 70's. august again? yeah. shower, maybe -- the course of the afternoon. unsettled. in to the weekend and we are back after this. anncr: more anti-maryland ads.
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from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services.
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and with independent audits required by la question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed.
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. or tomorrow night and then the ravens. >> and we have -- yes the ravens on thursday and then we have boston in town by friday in to the weekend and that's where we will have a little weather wary. >> unsettled. >> unsettle. yankees lost. that puts us --. >> a game and a half out. >> trying to figure it out. >> need a score card. we will see you tomorrow night. have a good one.
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